Web Design

Developing a website requires an understanding of more than just the mechanics. You have to be an expert on the way that people use the web, the things they expect, and the things they want. It’s also about having the expertise to implement unique and diverse features based on the specific business that is being represented. This is usually a mix of marketing, psychology, and basic business skills.

With over ten years of experience developing websites, online businesses, and marketing strategies, PebbleArt Designs understands what your business needs to succeed. We make use of the latest technology to build sites that are responsive, fast loading, cross browser compliant, and engaging to potential customers. We’ve been doing this since the early days of the world wide web and we know what it takes to elevate your business, and get your products and services in front of the people who will be most likely to want and need them.

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True Lore

  • Developed a full functional social network community website.
  • Implemented interactive features including forums, shared blogs, groups and chat.
  • Created a content based marketing strategy that was supported by the design of the site.
  • Seamlessly instituted cross platform social media integrations.
Mosaic Stone Tables

Mosaic Stone Tables

  • Built a niche product site with a heavily content based marketing strategy.
  • Implemented advanced E-Commerce features including customer tracking, communications, and the use of multiple payment gateways.
  • Designed a fully responsive and accessible web store that works seamlessly on every platform.
  • Integrated blogging, content generation, and social sharing features with products, categories, and other store based elements.


  • One of the oldest still existing e-commerce sites on the web.
  • Designed a simple yet functional interface focused on sales and customer acquisition.
  • Basic e-commerce features enhanced with dynamic updating abilities on static html pages.
  • High level SEO implementation in order to generate perpetual traffic.

Amir Rug Exchange

  • Designed a responsive mobile friendly version of the existing site.
  • Updated images using graphic design best practices.
  • Improved the functionality of the code originally employed.
  • Removed excess HTML to improve page load speed.