Search engine optimization is the process of improving a website’s features in order to make it more accessible and attractive to the algorhythms which fuel organic based SERP’s. This is a matter of improving the efficiency of both visible, and behind the scenes code elements, so that they can be found, indexed, and served to searches better. In this way the work of an SEO expert can multiply your efforts exponentially over time.

At PebbleArt Designs we pride ourselves on a wholistic approach to SEO. We start with keyword research and competitor analysis to find out what should be targeted, and what other sites are doing to succeed. A strategy is then devised using every element of your site, including copy, pictures, videos, as well as outside social media sources. In addition we can also employ SEM in order to improve your backlink portfolio, and better position you as an industry expert and leader.

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  • Implemented on site optimizations to improve copy, images, and code for better effectiveness.
  • Used advanced keyword research techniques in order to identify high traffic low competition phrases.
  • Used content marketing to better position site in SERP’s.
  • Developed long term strategy for continued implementation of SEO best practices.

  • Leveraged high quality back link profile and on page optimizations to achieve increased traffic.
  • Developed niche sub pages in order to capture long tail keyword SERP’s.
  • Created advanced interlinking strategy to direct traffic and pr to relevant pages.
  • Optimized pictures to appear more often in search engine image queries.

  • Seamless integration of on page SEO with code based improvements.
  • Leveraged existing content in order to support new procedure initiatives.
  • Used pyramid style content blocking to capture long tail search results in order to build on more lucrative short tail phrases.
  • Implemented content based SEO practices for increased traffic and search page prevalence.

  • Devised a system for attaining top search rankings using content distribution and interlinking.
  • Implemented niche keyword targeting in order to build a strong content base.
  • Used multimedia sources to increase online exposure.
  • Coordinated onsite and offsite efforts to leverage content for best use.