Copy Writing

Finding the right words to express your organization, product, or service, is key to attracting customers and building your brand. It requires an understanding of the company’s core mission, the language that their target audience speaks, and the nuances that can sway minds and turn potential clients into life long advocates.

PebbleArt Designs specializes in crafting messages that are direct, effective, and meaningful, while also staying true to the core philosophy of the brand. In this way we can expand your presence, allowing you to reach out through your website, social media channels, press relations, and beyond, in order to turn your business from an idea, into a fundamental part of the language of people’s daily life. Let us tell your story.

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Flooring Information Site

  • Developed unique content for a high traffic site in order to increase engagement and attract visitors.
  • Identified niche specific keyword phrases in order to dominate related sector searches.
  • Made use of latent semantic indexing and pyramid style SEO in order to capture rankings for related long tail terms.
  • Implemented an image search policy which complemented written text to increase traffic to the site.
Mosaic Stone Tables

Mosaic Stone Tables

  • Developed a strategy based on keyword research and competitive analysis.
  • Implemented both on site and off site link building content marketing.
  • Used product descriptions in order to capture top rankings for long tail terms.
  • Maintained consistent messaging through all social and PR channels.

KFS Stores

  • Developed an informative blog that made the web store an authority in its niche.
  • Used a mix of categories, products, and external content sources in order to develop a multimedia strategy.
  • Made use of long tail terms in order to achieve short tail rankings.
  • Created messaging that instilled trust in potential customers.

Women Who Code

  • Developed messaging based on specific strategic goals.
  • Implemented consistent content, PR, and social media communications.
  • Identified key targets for interviews, exposes, and op ed pieces.
  • Connected with top companies, firms, and press organizations in order to leverage copy to a wider audience.
RolePages role playing

  • Created a self sustaining perpetual content generating machine.
  • Inspired community activity through select placement of messaging and copy.
  • Merged multiple voices, ideas, and philosophies into a single coherent lexicon.
  • Leveraged on page content with off page writing in order to increase market share.