Content Marketing

Content marketing is about more than just churning out as many words as possible. It’s about producing meaningful copy that not only expresses your philosophy, but also resonates with your audience. Here at PebbleArt Designs we create only the highest quality content, the kind that gets people talking, that goes viral, and makes people link to your site. That’s what Google is looking for, that’s what people are looking for, and it’s what you deserve.

Below you will find a portfolio listing of some of our satisfied clients along with links to their sites. Each campaign is tailored to the needs of the customer, with keyword, competition, and on site analysis being done in order to ensure the most effective results possible. At the same time our sharp and passionate staff has the ability to meet immediate deadlines, while producing only the highest quality work.

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Kids Furniture Stores

KFS Stores

  • Developed a unique keyword based strategy based on market and competitive research.
  • Implemented Content Optimization across entire product catalog to increase search visibility and visitor interaction.
  • Generated weekly content posts with link bait based articles on product specific topics.
  • Designed cross promotional linking strategies based on Latent Semantic Indexing.
Mosaic Stone Tables

Mosaic Stone Tables

  • Created niche specific site designed to capture top searches in high profit market.
  • Developed keyword based strategy of iterative reinforcement to achieve and hold high ranking SERP’s over time.
  • Implemented PR campaign using Press Releases and Social Media outlets for increased exposure.
  • Achieved synchronicity between product and information based pages.
Flooring Information Site

  • Built high credibility niche specific site in a heavily competitive market.
  • Leveraged SEM content distribution practices for increased back link portfolios.
  • Integrated content practices with other related web properties for increased effectiveness.
  • Combined written, visual, and motion content in order to multiply search engine and social media visibility.
RolePages role playing


  • Developed a self perpetuating content generating machine using social community principles.
  • Implemented strategic copy, phrasing, and calls to action in order to increase activity.
  • Leveraged inherent assets with off site distribution in order to increase reach.
  • Implemented a multi-niche system in order to achieve high SERP’s and trust based content pieces on a variety of related subjects.